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Possible new energy rules ideas for 018

  1. You get a basic energy recharge rate
  2. That rate increases when you are stationary
  3. That rate incureases if you are in a friendly loadout zone
  4. that rate decreases when you are in a hostile loadout zone
  5. all of these increases and decreasess are additive
  6. Modules cost energy
  7. Using 2 moduels costs the cumulative energy of each individually
  8. shooting costs energy
  9. laying mines is not the same as shooting continuously
  10. it should never cost less energy to use a module than to not use it
  11. Energy should be logical, but not necessarily strictly reaslistic (energy can incentivize or disincentivize certain behaviors)
  12. Modules in loadout zones cost proprotionately more than they do outside loadout zones, in such a way that the effective cost is always the same
  13. Modules in hostile zones cost the same as in their normal rate; that is, their energy consumption may be increaed in friendly zones, but never discounted
  14. REPLACES #7 >>> Using modules in combination is cool, so there is a energy bonus awarded for doing so that makes a combo cheaper than the cumulative cost of each alone