1. can't edit text in text item
2. spybug in editor doesn't show which team it is
3. pressing tab doesn't show the spybug visible area when mouse is pointing to that spybug
4. tab in editor hides spybugs except the first team
5. tab in editor doesn't animate teleporters
6. Can't adjust asteroid spawn rate or flag spawn rate in nexus
7. can't adjust Repair respawn rate
8. Can't adjust heal rate of turret or forcefield
9. Editor have problem loading CTF1.level having missing barriers, due to a very long BarrierMaker having about 60 points, over 32 limit.
10. in Rabbit Parameters Menu, can't set "Score to Win" to over 99 points
11. Rabbit Parameter won't save or load "Point Earn Rate"
12. Nexus Parameters won't save or load "Time for Nexus to open" and "Time Nexus Remain Open"